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When Does A Carpet Require Professional Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is a job that many people are willing to tackle on their own. However, there are times when you should leave carpet floor cleaning issues to a professional. Anyone dealing with one of these 6 problems might want to call a cleaning company for help.

High and Uneven Traffic 

Looking at a carpet with uneven dirt and wear can be very unappealing. Many businesses and even some residences can have high-traffic areas where the levels of dirt and wear are uneven. A professional will have the products and equipment needed to reduce the uneven appearance of the carpet after cleaning it. This is hard to do without the necessary training and resources.

Pet Problems

Pets aren't easy on carpets, and there are often accidents that can make things worse. Dealing with urine stains, in particular, is a challenge. Some types of urine react to certain chemicals, and that makes it hard to get the stains out of a carpet without leaving a ring.

Similarly, certain pet odors can be tough to deal with. Once more, a carpet cleaning professional will have the right products and tools to deal with animal dander and dirt that can get into the fabric.


A spill of any type can quickly damage a carpet if you don't properly treat the affected area almost immediately. Wine and grape juice, for example, are notorious stain producers. Oils, dyes, and even some foods can also stain a carpet severely. A professional will know how to stabilize the stain, clean it up, and then make sure the area is evenly cleaned.


Some carpet materials are harder to clean than others. If the material is especially shaggy or yarn-like, it can act as a mop that collects dirt and fluids. Softer materials also may be too fragile for standard equipment. If you know the type of materials in the carpet, call a pro and tell them what you need.

New House

If you just bought a house, you should assume carpet cleaning is necessary throughout the place. Even if the previous owner can provide dated receipts, assume the worst. Have a carpet floor cleaning company do the work from top to bottom. You can then be confident that you'll be working with a clean base.


There isn't a strict timeframe for periodic cleanings by professionals. However, you might want to schedule a carpet cleaning annually to be sure. This is especially prudent in a high-traffic place, such as the entryway to your home. Many people schedule professional work once winter is over.

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